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Uniquely Me Mentor Program is meant to be a constant reminder that you are unique and wonderfully made. You are here to accomplish great things that surpass your wildest dreams; you are capable today of being the person you desire to be today, tomorrow, and in the future. Any and all dreams and goals you have are attainable, no matter the obstacles that present themselves. 

Uniquely Me Mentor Program

The Uniquely Me Mentor Program is for girls in 3rd grade through high school seniors. This program aims to instill in each girl the importance of loving themselves inside and out, building the confidence they already have to encourage the behaviors of being influential leaders, and creating young ladies who are growing to be unique, well-rounded women. This program will explain the importance of positive life skills, sustainable social skills, and the importance of creating positive interactions with anyone they encounter. We want to inspire each girl to be the future lady/woman that they dream of being, all while surpassing any obstacles that may come their way. We know this is so important right now, and many young girls do not know how to deal with the emotions they may feel or understand how to express them. This program gives them a safe way to learn about themselves and grow with peers and mentors worldwide. Each month they will meet virtually for an hour. They will talk about important topics, break out into groups for fun activities, and get monthly challenges to complete by the next meeting. 
This program will help girls:
Develop their leadership skills.
Boost their confidence.
Help them learn to cope and deal with emotions and situations in helpful and positive ways.
Help them learn to have self-respect and self-love.
Instill skills that help them grow and become the lady they want to be in the future.
Provide bi-weekly activities via classroom access to encourage girls in between meets. 
Please give them a mentor to help and encourage them along their journey.


Become A Mentor

We love to encourage peer-to-peer mentoring. If you have a high school student who would love to mentor, we would love to have her join our team. We train all of our mentors and guide them along the way. As a team, we help them become leaders and encourage them in each step of the process. In 2023 we will add junior mentors who will be middle school student leaders who will be paired with a high school student to help run some small group activities. To become a mentor or jr. mentor, please complete the form below. 

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