About Us


A Uniquely Experience Inc was created to provide students of all ages the ability to access and receive high-quality learning from the safety and comfort of their homes. We believe everyone has the right to have the opportunity to be immersed in learning around their busy lives in a fun and exciting way that opens to mind to want to learn more.  We are more than just a learning program we take the time to learn each student's learning patterns and learning style so that we can provide them everything needed not only to comprehend but become successful learners, At A Uniquely Experience Inc we strive to be the voice of the community by providing resources and programs geared towards being a solution to some of the gaps in learning for our community while also striving to bring more to the communities!

Along with providing educational out-of-the-box programs we also pride ourselves in offering mentor programs for young girls and women around the world through our Uniquely Me Program and conferences. We know that society puts limitations and sometimes makes us feel like we are not enough but through our programs, we offer a safe place to inspire, empower, and motivate not just young girls but women as well! 

Meet Our CEO & Founder

Jessica Peterson, is the founder and CEO of A Uniquely Experience Inc. She is a military wife and mom of three beautiful girls. With the background of education and fashion running through her veins from her mother she has enriched herself in fashion and enhancing her teaching abilities.  She has been teaching for over 8 years now. After learning and mastering the skill of creating her own Spanish, Computer Science, Mandarin, and STEAM curriculum for a local private school she truly fell in love with teaching. She has taught Spanish, Mandarin, Fashion Design, Creative Art, Design, Computer, S.T.E.A.M., Science, Ballet, Jazz, Hip Hop, Cheer, Tumbling, Liturgical Dance, and Creative Movement. She realized after sitting at home for a few months during the pandemic, that her kids needed more! They needed to be well rounded in the new norm. So she began teaching some virtual classes and she fell in love with it as much as her students did! With this love for education she birthed A Uniquely Experience Inc with the intention to one day be able to offer programs to children all around!! She was to give each child a space where they can come and learn whatever his or her heart desires in the art, technology, language, and reading world, while staying in the comfort and safety of their own home! Her goal is to provide children with the confidence they need to be great learners while them a space where there is no possibility that is too big!


So take a look around we hope to hear from you soon!